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Green Wolfe

April 2016



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Apr. 11th, 2016

Green Wolfe

The Wolfess Howls: Female Link in Zelda Wii U?

Hello Doppelganger Triology Fans!

So, by now everyone has heard of the recent rumors about Zelda Wii U that everyone is abuzz about. For those of you who aren’t up to date, here’s a review:

1.       Dual Release on Wii U and NX
2.       Voice Acting for all characters EXCEPT for Link
3.       Ability to choose between a male or female Link/Main Character

Source: http://www.zeldainformer.com/news/zelda-u-rumors-dual-platform-release-gender-options-voice-acting

What I’ve been thinking about in regards to these rumors, and what I’m really interested in discussing today, is the third rumor here—you can play as a female main character. For the sake of simplicity, let’s say that it’s just a female version of Link. This point is being debated because the leak specifically says “male or female main character” but other sources that collaborate this leak have specified female Link. It’s up for debate, though, and that’s beside the point for me.  

There is an intense debate going on in the Zelda community right now because of this concept. Those who support the idea mostly feel that Link is an avatar and, therefore, should reflect the gender of the player like character avatars in most JRPG games. Those who are against the idea feel that Link is his own character, and an iconic 30-year-old character at that, and he should not be changed just to satisfy “SJWs” (a term I had never heard until this debate started in the Zelda Community). It’s a hot debate, one which has shown me an ugly side of the Zelda Community and gaming world at large that I have never seen before, and I’d like to throw in my opinion in order to start a conversation about it with my own readers.

So, as a fanfic author who writes In-Universe fanfiction instead of Alternate Universe (AUs), I obviously believe that Link has his own character. I have endeavored for years to allow my fanfiction to bring out that character in a more realized way using in-game clues and some personal extrapolation to flesh out a personality for him that resonates with other Zelda Fans who have played the same game(s). That said, I do support this move to a gender choice for Link, with some reservations. How can I side with both teams, you ask? How can I think that Link is his own character with his own personality, and yet we should be able to choose his gender? Let me lay out a few points for consideration.

First off, Link has never been so fully fleshed out that he hasn’t NEEDED some “personal extrapolation” by fanfic authors. There isn’t enough information in game to be able to say “this is exactly what he would say or how he would react to this or that situation”. We have to figure out our own “angles” on his personality based on how we interpret the in-game clues we’ve been given, and those interpretations by fans have been very, very different from one version to another.

For example, my recent playthrough of TPHD was a little disconcerting for me. It has been 3 years since I played through the game, and I found myself interpreting Link’s character in a very, very different way from how I wrote him in the Hero of Wolves. I started writing this story in late 2006 (published in Jan 2007). I was in a very different place in my life then, a darker and more isolated place, and so I interpreted the in-games clues about Link in a darker, more isolated lens. He then grew from that battle-worn, introverted, animalistic starting point into the hero we have in Stasis today.

However, I am in a very wonderful place in my life now, a place where I am more connected and self-assured. I found myself seeing his personality in a very different way based on the changes in my own life. I have a different lens to look through. If I were to start writing this story today, it would be an entirely different story based on the drastic changes in Link’s character. The clues in the game about his personality have never changed—I did, and so the two TP Link’s I have in my head now are like night and day to each other.

So what does this tell us about the nature of Link’s “character”? If he is his own person, and that personality is so distinct that it cannot even undergo a gender change because that would ruin him, then how can each interpretation of that character be so different based on who’s writing it? I have read fanfiction for series like Xena and Legend of Korra, series where the characters are very distinct and have precise, complicated personalities. Often the characters in those stories—not AUs of course—have the personality shown in the show. They’re all the same character, perhaps with small differences but not huge ones. Korra is a tomboy who is a little too impulsive but has a big heart. Asami is feminine and  a genius who can fix anything. Xena is a powerful warrior with a dark past and a sensitive heart. Gabrielle is…well, complicated. :) They all stick to these character profiles, in general, sometimes even in AU work. But Link? He doesn’t. No two interpretations of Link are similar, even when they’re from the same game.

The only way Nintendo could ruin Link by changing his gender, in my opinion, would be if they drastically changed his avatar, and here’s where my personal misgivings come in. Link has never been the type to show off physically. He’s never been super manly, or super buff, and he’s never worn showy clothing or manly armor. In terms of male avatars, Link has always been more androgynous, even feminine, than “manly”. Seriously, look at Skyward Sword Link’s face and tell me he doesn’t look feminine.

So let’s say Nintendo tries to go the Hyrule Warriors route with character design and female Link looks like Linkle or Cia or Lana. He ends up looking super feminine in Female form. I’m talking boobs hanging out, bootie shorts, long flowing hair in pig tails or ribbons, and flirty, dancing hips. SUPER FEMININE. It would feel wrong, and yes it would ruin the character. It would ruin a basic element of his character that carries over from game to game—his androgyny. I completely agree, and if that happens I will choose to play as the male avatar so I can play as the Link who feels like Link.

Link has never been super masculine, so he also should never be super feminine. Let us have a gender option, yes! Please! But keep Link the same person, androgyny and all. If he has always been a feminine-looking guy, and he has, then he should also be a masculine-looking girl. And if that’s the female Link we’re getting? I don’t think a gender choice will change his personality or the quality of the story at all. It won’t matter. It will just feel really good and really natural either gender you choose, especially for all of us female Zelda Fans who have been identifying with Link all these years despite him being male.

So why do it at all if, as I say, a gender change “won’t matter”? Because it WILL matter to many people, even if it doesn’t matter to you. It will matter to the many people who DO see Link as an avatar instead of a character. It will matter to the women who see Link as his own character and make that mental leap to identify with him despite his gender. They won’t have to make that leap, and Link will still be the same person they’ve always known and loved. It will just be easier for them to feel closer to her (him?) and see themselves in her. It will matter to me.

So, that’s my thoughts on the subject. What do you think about the idea of a female Link? Yay or Nay? I trust that the comments will be polite, but if they are not then rude comments will be deleted. This is a polite, mature discussion, and bullying is not something I tolerate.

Thank you,
The Wolfess

Apr. 23rd, 2015

wolfess id

“When are you going to write a real book?” – Thoughts on writing a long-term fanfiction

“When are you going to write a real book?” – Thoughts on writing a long-term fanfiction

I started writing the Doppelganger Trilogy in 2007, a year a half after I started college. At the time, Twilight Princess had just come out. I played it, finished it, and was unsatisfied with the ending. There was so much potential in the game’s concepts that were unrealized, and so much story and speculation left.

At the time, I was planning to “mature” and leave the Zelda fandom—but not without writing one last fanfic. The story would have to start exactly where the game left off and explore some of the ideas I had for where Link would go and what he would do after the ending credits are over. So, one night I set about planning my last Zelda story. The concepts kind of tumbled out of me, starting with the familiar and going into my own original ideas, and next things I knew I had an outline for an epic one-book story that would be both my final gift to community and a place where I could experiment with the things I was learning in my writing classes.

Looking at the story as a whole, I titled it “Hero of Wolves”, not then knowing that it would split into three books and the first one wouldn’t feature the pack at all. As I started writing the story, however, it became apparent after a few years (literally—it took three years and two months to finish book 1) that this story couldn’t be finished in one book. So I split the story into thirds, knowing the last third wasn’t fully developed yet, and the Doppelganger Trilogy was born.

It has been eight years now, going on nine, since I published the first chapter of Hero of Wolves. The second book, Shadow Kingdom, took three years and six months to finish. Following this pattern, I expect Stasis to take close to four years to complete, putting us at almost 2018 by the time that the trilogy is done.

Over the course of these next three years, fans will come and they will go. Some I will grow close to, only to never hear from them again. The story will go through spikes in popularity, and drops as well. Stasis will most likely have fewer reviews than Shadow Kingdom when it is done, as Shadow Kingdom had less than Hero of Wolves. Some days I will write because the ideas are flowing and I can’t stop myself. Some days, the only reason I will open the document at all is because of the sweet but desperate review or personal note sent by some fan who wants to read more.

Over the years, I have gotten a lot of questions about writing this story. In my personal life, I am asked why I do it at all? Can I market it for actual publication? And, when they hear that I can’t, when will I write my own story? In the fanfic writing world, I am asked how to sustain interest in a long-term project, and, as always, “when will the next chapter come out??”

The truth is that writing a long-term story that you will never profit from is hard. I do lose interest sometimes, and many days it can feel like something of a chore. Something to trudge through until it is done. Original characters are hard to write in a way that will please the Zelda fanbase. Even when you stay within the confines of things that have been done by characters in the games themselves, fully plausible within the Zelda Universe, people will still call your OCs overpowered just because they strive to stand alongside cannon characters as equals. Writing this is not easy.

The challenges I have faced while writing TDT are numerous and multi-faceted. So, why do I keep going? Because the story needs to finish. Because these characters have lived inside of my mind for so long that when I see Twilight Princess Link I unconsciously think of him as “my Link”, as if he somehow belongs to me now. I have a duty to those characters. They breathe through my fingers, and I can’t abandon them now.

I also have a duty to the fans. I am not the only one who is invested in these characters and this story. I know the ending of all of this—I always have—and if I quit it would be without wonder as to the end of it all. But my readers have poured out their love to me and to the characters themselves, and if I stopped giving life to these characters, then my readers would be left not knowing. It would be a death to them. I couldn’t leave you all hanging like that.

Ultimately, though, I keep going because when it flows it feels good. When the OCs are in character, and the cannon characters are on point, and the narrative is moving and dynamic, and the scenery is vivid and practically describing itself—it feels so good to have all of that flowing through your hands and into peoples’ minds. It feels good to bring life to a world and the characters in it, and to see others get caught up in that world. And I still have those days with this story, despite the days that are hard or when it feels like a chore. There are many days when it still feels so good.

Someday I will finish it. I won’t force it—that can kill a good story—and so there will be months of drought. That has happened with both of the first two books. But I will finish it, and I will love it, and I will never forget it, and I will move on. I have original books and stories coming into creation. I’m working on my own world, and characters, and story, and I hope that writing the Doppelganger Trilogy will better prepare me to write their story someday. I also hope that my new fans will be half as wonderful as the fans that have come to love the Doppelganger books.

Until then, thank you for your patience, and for walking this journey with me. As I said before, there are days when I write just because you have asked me to. And seeing your joy and excitement when I release a new book sometimes keeps me going on this marathon. I do this for you, and I do this the characters, and I do this for me. To me, this IS a “real book”!

If you have any general questions about my writing process or the story itself, then please feel free to ask. I love to discuss!

May the way of the hero lead to the triforce,
Jennifer Wolfe aka “The Wolfess”

Feb. 5th, 2014

wolfess id

The Book of Mudora- the one and only.

Please see the post on the Doppelganger Trilogy facebook page for information on why this was posted. There will be no future installments in this series unless someone stands up and shows that the fanfiction community is important and shouldn't be written off. Thank you.

-The Wolfess

The Book of Mudora: Legends of Fanfiction

Hello everyone! My name is Jennie, but most of you will know me as The Wolfess (yes THAT one, for all of you who inevitably ask, the one who wrote those articles and that really long story on fanfiction.net…). I’m a new staff member here at Zelda Dungeon and I’ll be coming to you with in-depth articles and a Friday feature.

Every Friday I will be looking through the bottomless pits of fanfiction.net and other Zelda Fan Sites to bring you the best Zelda fanfics out there. Yes, good ones do exist, I promise! Fanfiction has always been a large part of the Zelda fandom—admit it, you’ve read a few. Even if they were bad ones. It’s a part of the Zelda Community that doesn’t get acknowledged much because so much of it is bad, but so much of it is wonderful as well. It’s those great stories that we’ll be looking at.

The Book of Mudora, which this feature is named after, is an item from a Link to the Past. The manual for the game says that it is a collection of the history, legends, and lore of “the Hylia people”. One particular passage from this famous book launched the imprisoning war itself, according to the manual:

“In a Realm beyond sight,
The sky shines gold not blue.
There, the Triforce's might
Makes mortal dreams come true.”

I find it to be a fitting volume in which to find these amazing Fanfictions. They were hidden under a sea of bad writing, but these jewels have managed to survive on the breath of the wind. Hit the jump to see this week’s featured Fanfiction and a brief list of the requirements this feature will follow for the future.

Forgotten Demons, by Celeborn00
URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3672539/1/Forgotten-Demons
Originally Posted: Summer 2005
Author Summary: A princess struggles to free her country. An assassin fights to redeem his soul. The Hero of Time has come, but he no longer wants to save the world.
Rating: T for Teen (13+)
Word Count/Chapter Count: 307,490 words, 85 chapters
Review Count: 449 showing, but probably closer to 1000.
World: Ocarina of Time AU (Alternate Universe)
Genre: Fantasy/Romance, but I would also add Adventure/Drama
Pairings (if applicable): LinkxZelda
OCs: some, but they are mostly side characters. The important characters are all from the games.

For our first feature, I have chosen a story that is very close to my heart. I have been following it for almost as long as I have been writing my own story, and in recent years the author has become a friend. Friend or no, I chose to feature his story first because it is really that good. It has some of the best action scenes and characterization of any fanfic that I have read, while simultaneously managing to engage us in a very fresh, new story. The rating of Teen is for violence, so if you have a weak stomach for that sort of thing then this might not be the story for you. However if you don’t mind a little gore and some really intense action scenes then read on.

Begun in 2005, Forgotten Demons was a huge hit. It was one of the top-reviewed stories on fanfiction.net in the Zelda section. In 2007, however, the author accidentally deleted it. Not hard to do with the difficult user interface that fanfiction.net was using at the time. I’m pretty sure the delete button was right next to the upload button. By that time, Forgotten Demons had well over 500 reviews, closer to 800 if memory serves. Because of this the date posted and the review count on the website are inaccurate.

Forgotten Demons is an unusual story for the Zelda fandom. Link isn’t really a hero. In true Hyrule Historia fashion, the author chooses to explore a new post-Ocarina of Time timeline. In this world, the Hero of Time was sent back but he was not honored by anyone. He became an outcast. If I say anymore I may give up too much, so I’ll leave the timeline talk there. Forgotten Demons is an AU story that stays more true to cannon than most post-game or in-game stories out there. The author has done his homework, and he throws in little easter eggs that fans can latch onto just often enough that his Hyrule really does feel like the Hyrule we remember, even if it’s a little different.

Celeborn’s characterizations of the duo we know and love are true to form as well. They are different, yes, sometimes intensely so, and yet they do not feel so different that we don’t know them already. This makes for a wonderful adventure getting to know the new lives of the characters we already love from the games themselves. His treatment of other characters from the Ocarina of Time universe is likewise great.

The quality of the writing is as would be expected from a story that has been written over such a long period of time. In the beginning it could be better. There are some grammar issues, some comma usage issues, and his descriptions are pretty brief. However, as the story goes on the writing improves drastically. By the time you reach the current chapters, his writing is really some of the best. He is detailed and accurate. He is precise with his descriptions and quick with his actions scenes. His dialogue flows naturally and reflects the speech characteristics of each individual person, allowing us to know who is talking, often without needing to be told.

He does get a little long winded at times. Some areas of the story might feel as if they are moving at a glacial pace. In the end, however, the advancements in character development and relationships in these areas are what gives the story its heart. And Forgotten Demons definitely has a lot of heart—the author takes us through a roller coaster of different emotions and transcendental questions, all without being heavy handed. The story just begs the reader to reflect on themselves and their lives in its light.

There have been many times that questions raised in a particular chapter made me stop and think about some major questions in my own life and beliefs systems. In my mind, that’s the mark of a truly great story—it is a story that goes beyond the page and the characters. It’s a story that changes you, if only to ask you to question things. To think about things. Although Forgotten Demons does have its issues—as outlined above—overall it is a strong, engaging story with complex characters that will keep you questioning every step of their journey. To top it off, the action scenes are well written, fast-paced, and very exciting, and there are more than a few times that you will find yourself laughing. It’s not all angst and darkness, I promise.

This is a story that will please both the romantics and the thrill seekers, both the angst-lovers and those who like to laugh, both men and women, everyone. Stick it through the technical difficulties of the first few chapters, which really aren’t nearly as bad as a lot of stories out there, and soon you will reach that great writing that I’m talking about. It’s quite a commitment to read at 85 chapters, and the plot is complicated enough that you need to remember it going forward in the story, but it’s an adventure that you will never forget. Go ahead, click on that link and check it out. You won’t regret reading this particular tale from the Book of Mudora.

Fanfiction Suggestion Guidelines
So , now that you’ve read the first Book of Mudora feature, let’s talk about the guidelines these features will follow. I will take recommended stories in the comments, as long as they adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Must be a Zelda story. This seems obvious, but still…it has to be a Zelda Fanfiction and it has to be by the author. Plagiarism is frowned upon.
2. Stories must be completed. How many people hate when they start a great story, but the author abandons it? That’s why we will only feature completed stories. There may be exceptions to this, for example Forgotten Demons isn’t completed on the website but the author does have it completed on his home computer and is just finishing revisions.
3. Serial stories are fine. If the author has their story split over multiple books and they have the first book done, that first book may be submitted for consideration even though the whole storyline isn’t completed. The first book of my own Doppelganger Trilogy, the Hero of Wolves, is a good example of this. The Hero of Wolves is complete and could be submitted. The story continues in the second book, Shadow Kingdom, but that one could not be suggested because it is not finished.
4. Stories must be rated T or below. We do have young’uns reading these. Keep them clean. See www.fictionratings.com for more information on exactly what the different ratings mean.
5. Good writing is key. So grammar and spelling matters. A LOT. The point of this is to highlight stories that are well-written. If the writing is sub-par, it will probably not be featured.
6. Be wary of crossovers or stories that are WAY out there. Preference will be given to stories that adhere to Canon and are only in the world of Zelda. This is a Zelda website, after all, and we’re interested in stories about Zelda alone, not original stories or stories that highly involve other series.
7. Authors CAN suggest their own stories. It’s a little arrogant, but if it’s good I won’t say no.
8. Include some history if you can. Especially if it’s a long running story, if you have followed it for a while I would like to know a little about what has happened with it. See the second paragraph of the review of Forgotten Demons here.

And that’s it! Happy reading!

May. 5th, 2011

Green Wolfe

On Midna, Dark Link, and Anger

Hello All,

I’ve been thinking and rethinking many things lately. It occurs to me that this world is beautiful place full of blessings and surprises, and yet also full of confusion and pain. As I look into the future of Shadow Kingdom and, beyond it, the last book titled Doppelganger, I begin to see more of myself and my struggles in the character and their circumstances. In this blog I will share some of those thoughts with you, including a discussion on Midna and Zelda Fandom in general.

I’ve been working slowly on the next chapter, and doing major plot revisions on book 3 (which I cannot reveal to you yet). It won’t interfere with books 1 and 2. The problem was that my intended book 3 plot was more like a side story than a book 3, and needed to continue the story in books 1 and 2. While I’ve been working on this, a few people made requests to see Midna in the story. I wanted to address this, but not in an author’s note.

I do not like Midna. In fact, I despised her the entire game. I felt like her character was poorly developed, and the change in her was too sudden. I felt no sympathy for her. Not to anger those who like her, I mean no offense, I just very much do not. I found her to be selfish and nitpicky. Her comments irritated me, and her character just became boring in the second half of the game when she suddenly became wishy washy for no reason. She will not be appearing in the Doppelganger Trilogy simply because I cannot write her. Period. I’ve tried, and I dislike her so much that I can’t do it.

The parts of Midna’s personality that I liked—yes there were some parts—are better exemplified in my Dark Link character. She is mischievous and callous, which he is on a larger scale, and she has an inner darkness that twists her which Dark Link will begin to show later on in Shadow Kingdom. Dark Link pursues things with a twisted single-mindedness that is fun to write, and has enough internal demons to make my Link look peaceful in comparison.

What it really comes down to is that my leading characters are parts of myself in various ways, at various times in my life, and I cannot find any part of myself in Midna. Dark Link, however, is my anger. He is my darkness and my struggle. He is my fury, and I hope that he will become my reconciliation. This is why I cannot write Midna into the trilogy. I can’t find myself in her character, and I cannot put myself in it. Dark Link is a different story, and I will explain why.

I find that I am angry lately. There is a war in my heart between two halves of myself, and I am angry because there wouldn’t be a struggle to begin with if it hadn’t been for the “righteous acts” of one side causing the oppression, and subsequent pain and suffering for years, of the other. This struggle within me, in turn, manifests itself in my characterization of Dark Link, Link himself, and even Zelda at times.

Let me be more clear. I am a Christian lesbian—i.e. a lesbian who is also Christian. When I became Christian I was told that the homosexual part of myself was evil, and I had to turn away from it to be saved. I did not believe this, but I was suicidal and knew that my only hope of living was this Christianity thing. So, after a year of pain and arguing I threw my hands up and surrendered. I had hoped the homosexual part of me would be “healed” and buried it deep inside while God began to heal my heart.

As my years at school and as a passionate evangelical Christian went on, I was healed but not in the way I had hoped. I loved life. The pain inside of me that had led to persistent suicidal thoughts throughout junior high and high school was gone, replaced with hope and joy and growth, but a new pain had developed. I am a lesbian, always have been and always will be, and although the church had told me it was wrong and I gave it up, God did not take it out of me. He did not tell me himself it was wrong, nor did he open up the scriptures to illuminate to me the evil nature of homosexuality.

 In fact, as I went into my third year of college he began to show me the exact opposite. Still, I would not listen for I had been convinced that to turn back to that part of myself would be to lose my salvation, and he had brought me back to life after so many years lost in darkness. I would not risk it. Though I was happy and fulfilled in my outward, public life, my private times became dominated by pain and tears as I struggled with the “evil in my flesh” (Romans 7).

By the summer between my fourth and fifth years of college, I was at the point where I would beat my chest, cry, and even scratch at my skin while begging God to take it out of me. To make me holy. He did not. He kept turning my eyes to the stories of David and Jonathan, and of Ruth and Naomi. He brought me back to the words on love in 1 John again and again, and to Jesus’ “greatest commandment” to love God and love others. He turned my eyes to see what the church had blinded me to, and still I would not listen to him. I beat the evil in my flesh. I pushed love out of my heart believing it to be sinful. I lived in constant pain, living a lie and feeling alone.

It wasn’t until spring semester my fifth and final year of college that I broke. There was a girl I fell in love with who wasn’t Christian, and when she held me I began to feel things I had had suppressed for so long. I began to question what the church told me, and I began to finally –finally—listen to God. Though this girl and I loved each other, we did not end up together, but the damage—or healing, depending on how you look at it—had been done. My internal war began. It seeped into The Hero of Wolves in interesting ways.

Early in the story, as I took up the Christian call to be a voice in the wilderness, Link took up a call from Zelda to be her General and succeed where his ancestors had not. As I struggled with the evil in my flesh, Link began to struggle with the beast in his. Link and the Army went to war when I evangelized on the streets. And Link began to lose control of the wolf inside of him when I lost control of my heart and fell in love with a woman.

As I entered into my personal darkness, Dark Link was born into human flesh.

 In my struggle to reconcile my faith with the knowledge that I am homosexual, and resisting it any longer would only send me back into the darkness that I had been delivered from, I went a little wild. I went to drag shows and gay bars. I made out with strangers and had one night stands and got rip roaring drunk for the first time. I almost lost my teaching internship. I pulled away from my friends and questioned my faith. I felt like I had lost God’s love, and the leaders in my church asked me “You were doing so good…what went wrong?” Link lost control of the beast inside of him and later attacked Ilia. The enemy began to prevail, and Link and Zelda were losing. Hope seemed gone.

I finally found peace inside of myself, realizing that homosexuality is one of my greatest strengths, not my greatest weakness. As Shadow Kingdom progresses, you will begin to see Link reconcile with the wolf inside of himself, realizing it (and the Hero’s Spirit by association) as his greatest source of strength and identity, not a curse. I am happily in a relationship, having just celebrated our 1 year anniversary, and Link and Zelda are aware of their feelings for each other. The stage is set for romance to blossom and healing to take place.

Amid this self-realization and healing, a deep anger grew inside of me. As I realized that God had not abandoned me, and finally listened when he showed me all that I had not wanted to see in the scriptures, I became angry at the church. I’m angry when I hear of a woman in the waiting room when her partner of 50 years is dying became the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) will not let her be in the room because they are not legally married. I am angry when I see the suicide rate among GLBT people because of the same hateful poison spewed to me. I’m angry that many of the Christian people in my life treated me as if I had lost my salvation when they found out about my girlfriend. I’m angry.

When I was characterizing Dark Link, this anger was fresh and new in me. I wrote a first person monologue from his point of view to flesh out his character and motivations. This is an excerpt from that document:


“I am an illusion—a mist. If he is the living tree in a land full of life, if such were his roots in this world, I would be the blackened, leafless husk drowned in water and mist. I would be the illusion from nowhere and leading nowhere. He would die within my nonexistence, and I could free us both of our etneral servitude to our heartless golden mother…

[…] I exist in the depths of his heart, the depths of his soul—an illusion within him that he would have never known were it not for the Evil King who freed me from Farore’s cursed netherworld. My brother, the green chosen one who lived and breathed, defeated me there and defeated the one who freed me, but I can never die…as long as he exists I will exist. As long as he has form and will, I will have form and will. And one day I will free us…

Free us…but not before I get to taste all the pleasure and sensation of human life that he has tasted. Not before I take all that he has and make it my own. I do not just want to end our lives…I want to steal his. I want the freedom to feel and think and maybe…maybe even love. To be the praised one.

I am waiting for you to be born again, my brother. Be birthed and become great for me…and this time I will taste of all you are. Your life will be mine.”


He is angry. He sees Link and Zelda as the chosen one on whom righteousness shines like a light, and yet he I condemned to evil and death because of what the very being(s) that created him made him to be. He is my anger. I am homosexual. I was born that way, whether by genetics or not, and because of how God made me, the church would eternally damn me. I am angry. And so Dark Link is angry, and his goal is to steal all of the life and prosperity that had been denied him.


My struggle recently had been the fact that I don’t want to be angry at the church. Their intentions were pure, however misguided, and the more I reject the church the more I find myself rejecting God, which is the last thing I want. How this will show up in Dark Link I don’t yet know, but I’m sure it will.


I’ll end this in the words of Zelda herself, who always seems to bring sanity and wisdom to insane moments. “Light and Shadow are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other.” And so it is inside of myself. I cannot just be lesbian or just be Christian. Each is dependent upon the other. In the end, I need to reconcile them within myself and find balance.


Until the next chapter,

~The Wolfess

Apr. 7th, 2011

Green Wolfe

Hero of Wolves Surprise

You're in for a pleasant surprise. I commissioned these amazing pictures just for the Doppelganger Trilogy! The artist is Ryu-gi and his amazing work can be found on deviant art, including these. I have edited them a little bit, and they will make great backgrounds for your computer. Please visit his page, and comment telling me what you think!

And yes, Jennifer Smith is my real name. There are tens of thousands of us out there, so I don't mind saying. :)

Until next time,
The Wolfess

BOOK COVER for The Hero of Wolves! By Ryu-Gi.

BOOK COVER for Shadow Kingdom! By Ryu-Gi.

BOOK COVER for Doppelganger, version 1, by Ryu Gi.

BOOK COVER for Doppelganger, version 2, by Ryu-Gi.

Mar. 16th, 2011

Green Wolfe

HoW/SK Progress Update

Good morning,
Just a quick update for those of you wondering how the promised chapters are coming along. I have completed work on the final chapter of The Hero of Wolves, and a preliminary edit as well. I will probobly do another edit before posting to make sure that it is everything that you expect it to be and so much more. You are in for a fast-paced, exiting chapter with several curve balls to send us sailing in to Shadow Kingdom!
As for the first chapter of SK, it's coming along slowly. The first chapter of a novel is the most important, as it is that chapter that will either keep or lose readers. I'm taking extra time and care with it, and I hope that it will get you excited for the second part of our story.
In other news, I just found out that I did not get accepted into graduate school. It was very hard for me to hear that, but you cry a little and you pick yourself up and move on. My girlfriend Joy and I are looking to rent a house or very big apartment in the neighboring town, and I will work on getting publications under my belt for when I apply next year. We are also starting a work out schedule, and gave up cheese and chocolate for lent. ugh! not fun.
In case you are wondering after that statement, yes I am a lesbian as well as a passionate christian. I'm open to questions if you feel the desire to ask. If not, coolness. :)
I would write more, but I need to get ready for work. Have a great day! I hope to have the chapters out to you soon.
~The Wolfess

Feb. 26th, 2011

Green Wolfe

Get to know the author!

Hello everyone~

I forgot that I had this! When I discovered that I still had it, I thought that I would start posting on it again.

As we are coming to the end of The Hero of Wolves and looking forward to the next book, I thought that I would make myself more accessible to you, the readers. Consider this blog your way to get to know me, ask me questions, and stay abreast of the progress on The Doppleganger Trilogy!

Ways to Contact Me:
#1:  Livejournal. Sign up or anonymous, you can leave comments here, ask questions, send me messages, or just read the blogs.

#2:  DeviantArt.  There is a link at the top to my deviantart page. if blogging isn't your thing, get a hold of me there.

#3:  E-mail (thewolfess@live.com).  There is now an e-mail just for you! You can send me an e-mail or try to catch me on that e-mail's msn messenger. The downside to this is that I might not check it that often, so it may be a while until I can respond.

let the communication begin! haha. :)

~The Wolfess

Dec. 15th, 2007

Green Wolfe

The Wolfess' Wallpaper Gallery

Welcome to my wallpaper gallery! These wallpapers are all things I've worked hard on over a period of time. I had to take them off of DA because they use screenshots and official art, so I will upload them on this post. Check back periodically to see my latest creation! Thank you for visiting, and feel free to leave a comment.

Find my rescources HERE. Want to look at my whole diviantart gallery? Go HERE

        LxZ Photo Album

     This was fun to make, though time consuming. I enjoyed picking out the "photos" for their album.

            Don't Give Up
    Made during a time when I needed a little encouragement. Sure helped me a lot! 

      Ephesians Warrior
    One of my first wallpapers with the GIMP. Not the best, but I love the concept. And the scripture!

             Bound to You
    My most popular one on DA. I couldn't take it down, so you can go there and see it as well. 

          Past and Present
    This one was inspired! I love the parallels between TP Link and OoT Link. Look closely...

    Puppet Zelda! How much must THAT have sucked when she woke up from her trance?

    A love that surpasses time....*insert romantic sigh here*

    Fortitude From Heaven
    Ezer Kenegdo is the origional Hebrew for genesis where it says "make him a companion". It litterally means "i will make him a lifesaver-comanion". Read "Captivated" by John and Stasi Eldrisge! Amazing!

                Retro Link
    Bright colors! Woo hoo! I actually drew, scanned, and edited link there, but it's from an offical art. I just gave him a different shield. Because I like this one better...and I can...:p hehe. 

    Dark Link- Watching You
    This one was fun. Yey dark link! Pretty creepy. This one is still up on DA as well. 

               Battle Ready
    Inspired by ZREO's Battlescapes CD art, back before they released the wallpaper. 

              By His Blood
    One of my first LZ wallpapers. I think I could do a better job now, but I like it anyway. 

  Will The Hero Rise Again?
    This WAS my first wallaper LZ wallpaper. Really old...you can see it on Ganonstower.com.

Green Wolfe


I'm about to post the wallpapers I had to take down on DeviantArt, so here are the rescources** I use in my digital work:


  1. GIMP 2.4
  2. Artwork and screenshots gotten from google and popular zelda websites. (too many to list.)
  3. The Zelda Mangas, (found on many popular zelda websites in full. )
  4. Screenshots from Super Smash Brothers:Brawl Website. (can be found on IGN or Gamespy.)

GIMP Brush Tools:

**If you see that I have used you brush in my work, please leave a comment here and I will add it to this list.

Apr. 28th, 2007

Green Wolfe

The Hero of Wolves: Chapter Six

This entry is for those who are coming in regard to the note in the chapter just I uploaded on FF.net. 

Below I will link to the parkour videos I mentioned that inspired the action in the chapter. I've put them in order of what I suggest you watch, based on what is shown in the video. At least watch the first two, as they complement each other I feel, and if you are like me and want to watch more, I've listed a third as well. Enjoy!

Two Brothers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pu-12IOBRiI

Dvinsk Clan Parkour: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZ3tsC3moB4

And for further interest....

Adrenaline Parkour: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ICKm9D-Vd8

So yes, this is the type of movement that I am attempting to describe our hero, Link, performing! Artistic liberty, yes, as I know he doesn't move that way in the games. But I'm allowed! :-P See you next chapter!

~ The Wolfess

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